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Mojave Outfit 409E w Boxes

This is the Top-of-the-Line passenger set from 1927-28. The consist is a Mojave 408E-419-418-431-490. Outfit 409E was cataloged from 1927-1929. The 1927-1928 catalogs show this Mojave color, but most agree that the switch to Apple Green was made sometime in 1928 possibly owing to the introduction by American Flyer of the very colorful two-tone Blue President's Special set. Lionel likely retaliated by changing the color of this set to more colorful Apple Green.










The engine's wiring is still soft and flexible. It is the early style wiring that came through the motors' pivot pins rather than the later 408E jumper wires between the motors.




You can tell a collector never ran this train. Note the Christmas tree light bulbs.

The cars in Mojave and Apple Green 408E sets have their part numbers rubber stamped on the ends.




First the 419 combine. Those are room reflections you see on the roof.



Next the 418 Parlor car.



Next the 431 diner.



Finally the 490 Observation.




Here is the unopened sides of the four car boxes.



Here is the opened side of the four car boxes. There is enough original wrapping paper for a couple of cars.

The loco box has two cardboard inserts for shipping. At $44.50 in the Twenties, Lionel didn't want the locos banged up.

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