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1928-29 Lionel 409E Passenger Set w Boxes

I have been collecting standard gauge for 30 years, and this is about the closest to a like-new, original "408 set" that I have seen. It is bright, shiny and has never been waxed. One of the locomotive's original pantographs has been repaired, but they are nice,  bright, and original. As you probably know, both pantographs must be down if you have a Hellgate bridge on your layout -- the first owner likely found this out the hard way. The loco has been re-wheeled (MEW wheels), and runs like a top -- the original pendulum reverse unit works perfectly.

This was the top-of-the-line Lionel passenger set in 1928. It cost a month's pay for a working man.

The set is in near perfect condition because it sat in its original boxes for much of the last 77 years. To see a better loco and an original 409E set box, click another Green 408 set.

Outfit 409E was introduced in 1927 in an earlier tan color (likely also sold in early 1928). American Flyer introduced the colorful two-tone Blue President's Special set in 1928, and Lionel likely retaliated by changing the color of this set. Click Mojave 408 set.

This set includes:
  408E   Twin-motor Loco    Orig. Box
419 Combine   Orig. Box
418 Parlor Car   Orig. Box
431 Dining Car   Orig. Box
490 Observation   Orig. Box


The other side of the locomotive.

Bright, beautiful original Lionel "Super Motors"

Here is something you do not see everyday. A loco box with all its flaps, both cardboard inserts, and some original Lionel wrapping paper. The "AND 81" means the box also contained a #81 rheostat.
The cars are virtually like new -- the glare is a flash reflection.


Collectors call this an Apple Green set, but Lionel's designation was P. Green (pea Green).




Here are some more shots showing the other sides of the cars. The observation car has a few minute nicks in the edge of the roof monitor, but you have to look closely to notice them given the set's overall condition.





The car boxes were taped shut when the train went into the attic. .

To see a better locomotive and an original 409E set box, click another 408 set.

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