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Nickel-trim 120L Tunnel                      

I have been collecting Standard Gauge for 30 years and never seen another one of these with my own eyes. Greenberg Accessories page 96 shows a late 120L with a Gray bridge. This one has bright Red bridges. It also has more trees and a lower roadway. Perhaps it was manufactured between the two tunnels shown in Greenberg.

Near the end of Standard Gauge production, Lionel changed the way they painted tunnels. Earlier ones were done with paint brushes in wide swoops. This one has some kind of stencil or rubber-stamp design. This tunnel is in full Excellent condition except for the few small nicks you can see in the snow caps on top. They look like melted snow and don't distract.


The photos walk around the tunnel. In the above photo you see flash glare. Below is the same side. With no glare.

Here is the flip side. Again ignore the flash glare. This looks great in person.


The other end and other side without glare. Minor flaking at the tops of the portals -- this is where the tunnel would have flexed when improperly packed. Little distraction from overall view. This tunnel looks great on display or on a layout.

Note the nickel-trim era thumbscrews for the wiring. These are original to this tunnel.


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