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Lionel Outfit 432E

Here is something you don't see everyday -- vintage shots of a fabulous standard gauge layout. Bill was certainly a lucky boy in Elizabeth, New Jersey (Lionel's factory was in Hillside, NJ -- the town next door).  It appears that his start was Outfit 432E from 1931. That set included a Black 400E and tender pulling three Apple Green passenger cars -- 419-418-490. Then half a dozen 200-series freight cars were added. Then an amazing bunch of top-of-the-line Lionel accessories!

Eight (count 'em) #94 High Tension Towers (introduced in 1932), a Cream/Pea Green #114 double station (1931-34), an early color #300 Hell Gate Bridge (introduced in 1928), a #140L large metal tunnel (1927-32), a flock of #550 Lionel people (1932-36), and a myriad of Lionel scenic plots. Additions came over several years as the #45 Gateman was not introduced until 1935.

It appears that the layout had an inner passing siding. The locomotive could either pull the freight cars (inner loop) or the passengers cars (outer loop).
The layout could have started with an Outfit #358E Work Train (400E-400T-212-219-220-217), but I doubt it as the three Apple Green passenger cars would have been an unusual secondary purchase. The locomotive looks like the 1931 (first year) version since the tender's side ladder has no triangular brace in the top casting.


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