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The Second Half of the Lee Hieronimus Collection -- TCA CM5-101
Julius Leland Hieronimus ran a very successful Lionel Service Station from 1934 until he sold it in 1968. See the 2019 Spring and Summer issues of the Train Collector's Quarterly to learn about Lee. He took old trains on trade-in. Lee didn't sell them with the store.

Shortly after Lee died in 1982, two local collectors here in Alameda, CA, bought his train collection and split it up. In 1985, one of them sold many of the rarer items in his half. I bought that fellow's collection in the Fall of 2018. Besides Lionel, it included a lot of Ives and American Flyer, both in O and Standard Gauge.

The other fellow kept his half of Lee's trains mostly intact. I bought that collection in July of 2019. It was about all Lionel Standard Gauge except for the rare Santa Fe F3 presentation piece that you see below. It included six trolleys and three Interurbans; all formerly owned by Lee.


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     Try to ignore all the flash glare in the photos. I used my iPhone for most of the pictures.
Specialty Lionel Items:
        1. 1907  #5 Loco Coveted by Founder, Joshua Lionel Cowen, in 1940
   2. 1949  Presentation F3 Display D-8 signed by Lawrence Cowen, President of Lionel
   3. 1939-51  Service Station Window Decals, etc.
Early Lionel Standard Gauge:
   4. Four Trolleys -- #1, #2, #3, and #8
   5. 1913-16  Boxed Outfit #2 Trolley and #2 Trailer - Outfit 200 w Split Pin Track
   6. 1913-14 Boxed Outfit #39 -- 38-116-116 w Split Pin Track
   7. 1914-15  Boxed Outfit #10-1010-1010 Three Interurbans   Like New
   8. Three Brass Locos #6 Special, #7, and #54
   9. 1914-26  Loose Large Locomotives
  10. 1914-26  Loose Small / Medium Locomotives
  11. 1914-27  Lionel Early Large Passenger Cars
  12. 1907-24  Sets
  13. 1917-26  10-Series Freight Cars
  14. 1913-26  100-Series Freight Cars
Classic Era Standard Gauge:
  15. 1923  Boxed Outfit #402 w Track, etc.
  16. 1923-35  Electric-Style Locomotives
  17. 1931-39  Large Steam-Style Locomotives
  18. 1929-39  Smaller / Medium Steam-Style Locomotives
  19. 1923-35  Large Passenger Sets
  20. 1923-35  Small / Medium Passenger Sets
  21. 1926-34  200-Series Freight Cars
  22. 1927-34  500-Series Freight Cars
Nickel-Trim Standard Gauge:
  23. 1936  Outfit #396W -- 400E Blue Comet Set
  24. 1937-39  Outfit #358W -- 400E Work Train
  25. 1935-39  Loose Cars and Boxes
There are over 350 pieces in this collection. This index page will be updated as time permits.
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